Much acclaimed Handbook Industrie 4.0


The Handbook Industrie 4.0, published by Prof. Frenz at Springer Nature 2020, has now received very positive reviews. It offers a general overview of issues from law, technology and society and at the same time proposes solutions for practice. The starting point is the law with its current challenges allocation of data (who owns it? EU regulatory intentions?), data security, data protection (European General Data Protection Regulation), cyber attacks, competition law (access claims against monopolists, exchange of information, possible cooperations). Then individual areas of Industry 4.0 (from our FRE (Division of Mineral Resources and Raw Materials Engineering) Bergbau 4.0, Clausen et al.; Endlagerung 4.0, Charlier) will be examined in their special features. General developments from management, the digital transformation of companies and the world of work as well as ethical questions follow. Prof. Dr. Michael Brenner writes in his review in GewArch 2021, 21 (22), that with this handbook, the editor Walter Frenz has achieved a great success. The work, with its concentrated, expert descriptions, classifications and practical advice, is a treasure trove for all questions about Industry 4.0 and the first comprehensive and interdisciplinary presentation of this complex of topics. It is to be hoped that it will sharpen the senses of decision-makers in the judiciary, business and society for the challenges associated with Industrie 4.0 and that it will be widely distributed.