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In order not to block projects longer than necessary, especially if, like geothermal drillings, they are of great importance for the energy system transformation, it must be examined in more detail within the framework of the approval pursuant to § 21 (2) StandAG to what extent the reasons for exclusion pursuant to § 22 StandAG or the minimum requirements pursuant to § 23 StandAG exist, the intervention or absence of which leads to the admissibility of a project pursuant to § 22 (2) no. 1 StandAG. Uncertainties cannot only be at the expense of the project developer. Rather, a comprehensive securing of a location can only be considered if an area has the best possible security required in § 21 para. 1 StandAG corresponding to the general purpose provision of § 1 para. 2 sentence 1 StandAG and sufficiently foreseeable. The stronger the interests of the project-executing agency, the more intensive it must be to examine whether there are grounds for exclusion and whether the minimum requirements are met. If there are substantial indications of this, a mining project as well as a geothermal well can no longer be blocked.

On this topic also the essay: Frenz, Walter: Aus für Geothermieprojekte? Freeing up suitable repository sites versus claiming permission, in: Frenz, Walter/Preuße, Axel (Ed.): Geothermie und atomare Endlagersuche nach dem Standortauswahlgesetz, Schriftenreihe der GDMB, Heft 144,Clausthal-Zellerfeld 2018, p. 43 - 70.


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Frenz, World of Mining 2019, 32-36


Commentary on the Atomic Energy Act

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The commentary published by Walter Frenz in October 2018 provides comprehensive information on the provisions of the Atomic Energy Act.