Environmental Law


1. Climate Protection

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The focus of environmental law is currently on climate protection law. More information in Frenz, Grundzüge des Klimaschutzrechts and Gesamtkommentar Klimaschutzrecht.


2. Nature Protection Law

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The 3rd edition of the BNatSchG commentary by Frenz / Müggenborg was published at the end of 2020. You can find it here.


3. Waste Law

A more detailed commentary on important Frenz regulations can be found in Fluck/Frenz/Fischer/Franßen.


4. Laws pertaining to Water and Waterways

Laws pertaining to water and waterways have been revised recently. The WHG by Berendes/Frenz/Müggenborg you can find here.


5. Soil Protection Law

A shadowy existence has the soil protection law. The annotation from Prof. Frenz from the year 2000 is still often cited.


6. Sustainable Development

Sustainable development remains a long-runner. It also shapes mining law , the EEG and public procurement law.


7. Nuclear Law

The search for a final repository is progressing slowly, and the decision to phase out nuclear power has still not been finally clarified. You can find more information in the Commentary on Atomic Law.