Focuses in Teaching

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Materials Engineering

The courses of studies at our unit cover different focuses as the allocation, utilization, handling, extraction and processing of raw material but even the natural mineral deposit. All needed skills of rights and law are conveyed by our lectures Rohstoff- und Energierecht 1, 2 and 3, that are part of Bachelor and Master studies. Special subjects are conveyed by our lecture Rohstoff- und Energierecht 4. Focuses of our lectures are influences of European law, sustainable development, permission of equipment and projects and liability and responsibility for remote damages.

Georesources Management

The legal basis and specific knowledge are taught in our lectures Genehmigungs- und Umweltrecht 1 and Öffentliches Recht und Europarecht in Bachelor studies and in our Master courses Genehmigungs- und Umweltrecht 2 und 3.

Applied Geography/Commercial Geography

The academic studies teach skills, that can be used in terms of natural scientific and technical but also in social and economic contexts concerning challenges in geography.

Life Sciences

Bachelor studies of life sciences give students the chance to solve problems in terms of ecological and technical questions to accept challenges in our period. Law has a relevant role in this context. Legal basics are covered by our lectures Genehmigungs- und Umweltrecht 1 and 2.

Sustainable Energy Supply

The specific lectures Rohstoff- und Energierecht 3 und 4 with corresponding focuses are even relevant for students of sustainable energy supply.