European Law


Climate Protection and Corona

The focus of European law is currently climate protection and corona. More information you can find in Grundzüge des Klimaschutzrechts and Handbuchs Europarecht Band 3 – Beihilferecht, 2th edition.


Refugee and Social Law

The current political discussion is clouded by the refugee crisis. It is from high importance to find out in what way the human dignity sets boundaries for brisk courses of action. Our result: The EU human dignity shapes the rescue of shipwrecked refugees as well as the immediate refoulement or the admission, accommodation and supply. It is her mission to establish an appropriate distribution basis to enable a dignified treatment of the refugees in all member states without endangering the ensuring survival for the own citizens.


Tax Law

Tax Law is treated above all in relation to European Law which combines the current question how far the member states could fiscally relieve international companies to support their settlement. The EU State Aid Law sets clear boundaries and so the EU Commission reclaims multi-million Euro amounts from these companies through the national tax authorities.


Fundamental and Human Rights

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Not only the refugee crisis is significantly shaped by Fundamental and Human Rights, also press releases about prominent and less prominent people. Most important seems the public information interest, so the privacy has to take a back seat. But that could be seen different.


State and Administrative Law

It is a surprise that the State and Administrative Law is under the influence of European Law. But in the meantime it is significantly shapes by the EU. However there are still sectors which are not under EU influence, so the education policy which is completely controlled by the member states. So the unconstitutionality of the current legal status of the accreditation agencies for university degree courses is a national problem.


Public Procurement and Municipal Law

The national Public Procurement Law is now, after a retreatment, stricter shaped by European Law. So the specifications for inter-municipal cooperation and in-house-actions were practically dictated from the European Court of Justice into the pen of the national legislator.


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