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We offer a large number of publications at our unit that can be borrowed directly from the chair or in the library.


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Prof. Dr. Frenz regularly publishes a large number of essays about current topics of our unit, but but also on discussions from politics and business.

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Book reviews, recensions and critiques

Here you can find actual reviews, recensions and write-ups of Prof. Dr. Frenz publications.

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Competition Law

One of Prof. Dr. Frenz main fields of work is competition law. Volume 2 of the Handbook for European Law has been published in English recently.

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European Law

Book cover Procurement Law EU and international © Copyright: Lena Noner

You can find the European Law in the name of our unit, because it is one of the biggest interests of Prof. Dr. Frenz. He is well known for his Handbook about European Law.

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Mining law

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Every year we have two events at our unit about current topics of mining law. The events are organized by GDMB and us.

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Environmental law

When it comes to environmental law, Prof. Frenz is primarily interested in questions of waste law, soil protection law, licence and planning law and the challenges of sustainable development.

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Energy transition

In the research field of energy transition, Prof. Frenz is interested in challenges and questions in dealing with the EEG - Renewable Energy Sources Act.

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